Spring Time Allergy Relief

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Spring Time Allergy Relief

Don’t sneeze, enjoy the trees!

spring flowersSpring is here in full force. Flowers are blooming and noses are honking. At least mine is! You know what that means, right?  If you’re susceptible to seasonal allergies, now is the time to boost your immune and respiratory systems to stay strong against the assortment of pollens, weeds and other potent bloomers already in the air.

Natural Medicine and Chinese Medicine recognize allergies to have both internal and external causes.  While you might only notice allergic reactions seasonally, external triggers and internal immune imbalances can both contribute to this type of physical disharmony.  By bringing the body’s defensive system into a state of balance and focusing on internal causes, nasal obstruction, sneezing, itchy throat, and itchy, runny noses can be treated from the inside and the outside.


For some folks, these states of imbalance last longer than just a few weeks in Spring time.  This is all the more reason to work on healing the underlying causes before they get worse.  Some of the main underlying causes from the Chinese Medicine perspective for allergies include a deficiency of the Spleen and the Lung Qi which can lead to an over-production of phlegm.  Over-the-counter or prescribed immune suppressants tend to keep the internal causes from repairing, providing only temporary relief to allergy sufferers.  Meanwhile, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and other natural medicines can address your natural tendencies to support you where you are most vulnerable.  This approach can greatly reduce your need for such immune suppressants.


Some examples of Chinese herbal formulas that can be used to treat allergies include:


Jade Windscreen PillsYu Ping Feng Wan

This formula helps the person with excessive perspiration who has a weak constitution and is easily susceptible to catching colds.  This formula builds up a ‘windscreen’ to help keep defenses up.


Magnolia Flower PowderXin Yi San

Amazing with stuffy nose and sinuses, this formula can also treat runny noses, difficulty breathing, loss of smell and headaches caused by head congestion.


Clear the Nose DecoctionQing Bi Tang

This formula is also for the stuffy nose of sinusitis but is going to treat more severe symptoms and things that involve more heat.


Astragalus and Gogi berry tea–  Huang Qi Gou Qi Zi Tang

I love the flavor and the immediate lifting effects I experience with drinking this tea.  Astragalus, (*Huang Qi) has amazing abilities of upholding the body’s overall Lung and Spleen energies, boosts energy, helps to boost the immune system, helps heal the skin and, reduces edema and generates qi, blood and body fluids.  The Gou Qi Zi, or Gogi berry helps to nourish yin deficiencies of the Liver and the Kidneys and treats respiratory disorders.  In combination the body gets a huge immune lift in a tasty package.  This tea is available in granule form at Red Leaf and can be drunk daily as part of your anti-allergy self-care program.

(*Modern research loves to announce that Astragalus is one of the substances now known to delay the shortening of telomeres.  This is an indication to modern medicine that this is a great herb for longevity.)


From within the Naturopathic realm we look to decrease the overall burden on the body’s detox systems. That means that allergy season is a great time to clean up your diet and remove possible food triggers. A helpful analogy is to think of your body as a glass of water and you get symptoms when the glass overflows. By removing irritants the water level will decrease a bit, so the added burden of springtime pollens will not cause the body to “overflow” with allergy symptoms. In addition to detoxing your diet, there are supplements that can support that process.


Secondly, we always want to enhance the body’s natural anti-inflammatory systems, of which the adrenals play a huge role. Also, adding in healthy fats is a powerful way to push the inflammatory pathway towards the ANTI-inflammatory side to moderate response to irritants.


And finally there are focused supplements that utilize specific herbs or ingredients that are clinically shown to calm the allergy response.

All these tactics are best brought on board before allergies are in full-swing. When used regularly, we have seen them make a huge difference!


We welcome you to let Red Leaf Clinic be part of your healthcare support team this spring. You might catch yourself actually enjoying the beautiful flowering spring trees.


In Good Health,

Your practitioners at Red Leaf Clinic



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