5 Tips for a Successful Cleanse

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Five tips to keep in mind when doing cleanses:

1. Keep your blood sugar stable. Poor blood sugar regulation can put a lot of extra stress on your adrenal system which can affect your sleeping patterns, digestion and energy levels. 

2. Be consistent with daily detoxifications such as castor oil packs, epsom salt baths, dry skin brushings or saunas. These daily detoxers promote the removal of toxins out of the body.

3. Fasting 12 hours at night is a great and easy way to improve your mitochondria function. Eat dinner at 7pm and be sure not to eat again until 7am.

4. Reintroduce foods slowly. The slower you can transition back to your "normal" eating habits the better your body will integrate the benefits of the cleanse. This is especially true when trying to unmask food sensitivities.

5. Remember the power is in the process. There is so much benefit in doing a cleanse. Your digestion gets a break, your organs of elimination get some support, you learn new habits, you find new recipes you don't know how you lived without, and you learn how your body responds to different stimuli.


If you're interested in trying the Mediclear cleanse with me, I have Mediclear in stock at the clinic. Feel free to make an appointment and and we can talk about whether or not a cleanse like this is a good option for you and I can answer any questions you might have. You can also take a look at the patient information packet linked below if you're an information oriented person.

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