Naturopathic Medicine at Red Leaf Clinic

Naturopaths are doctors who listen. Doctors who know that true cure is much deeper than the temporary reduction of symptoms. Doctors that invest the time into diagnosing causative factors. Doctors that individualize treatment to their patient’s specific needs.naturopath

Naturopathic medicine is an elegant fusion of eclectic traditional wisdom and modern medical knowledge. Naturopathic doctors help patients connect the linear world of science with the personalized perspectives present in the traditional healing arts.

Licensed as primary care doctors, Dr. Raina Lasse and Dr. Susan Saccomanno received their four year medical training here in Portland at the National College of Natural Medicine. In keeping with their role as general care practitioners, they treat everything from heartburn to insomnia, and from anxiety to fertility.

The naturopathic doctors at Red Leaf Natural Health Clinic use a variety to tools to assist their patients in rebuilding physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The following is just a sampling of the tools commonly used.

  • European Biotherapeutic Drainage: Effective gentle detoxification
  • Flower Essences: Emotional healing
  • Herbal Medicine: Harnesses the wisdom and healing power of plants
  • Homeopathy: Wholistic system of medicine operating under the law of similars
  • Hydrotherapy: Utilizing the immune-stimulating properties of water
  • Lifestyle Counseling: Daily practices which promote life-long health
  • Nutritional Consultation: As Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine.” Dietary advice that simultaneously treats and prevents chronic disease
  • Nutritional supplements: High quality supplements that offer focused nutritional support. Are your supplements right for you?

It is the goal of Naturopathic medicine to reach beyond symptom removal to address the underlying cause of the illness. Your situation is as unique as your personality. Just as no two people are the same, neither will any two health care solutions be the same. Individualized treatment ensures the root of the problem has been addressed. As opposed to a treatment plan or therapy designed to treat a majority, or a general group of people, or a set of symptoms, individualized treatment is meant to treat the distinct person that is you. This type of healing is designed to last a lifetime.