Healthy Relationships

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How to Create Healthy Relationships


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Dr. Lasse recently attended an advanced training presented by Dr. Daniel Siegal, MD discussing the importance of brain integration and healthy relationships entitled, "Neural Integration as a Pathway to Resilience and Well-being". She is so excited about this training that she wants to share what she learned with the Red Leaf Community. Here's a look into healthy relationships. What they are, who has them, why they matter and how to create healthier relationships in your own life.

Define Relationship...

Relationships can be defined as more than just a connection between you and another person. They are not only connections with our peers, friends and family, but also include the complex relationship that we have with ourselves, with food, with pain, with emotion and with health. All of these different relationships work together and can create both harmony and disharmony within our being.

Why do Healthy Relationships Matter?

Having healthy relationships plays a huge part in our mental, physical and emotional health. Healthy communication within a healthy relationship has the ability to shape and rewire our brains, creating new or strengthening old neural pathways. We live within our relationships, our connections shape our mental processes from thoughts and feelings to decisions and actions. Working on integrating the brain, the body and our relationships creates coherence and harmony. When our impulses are too chaotic or ridged we end up stagnant, confused, and unfulfilled.

What do Healthy Relationships Look Like?

Healthy relationships are easier than you think. The process of becoming integrated and more attuned to yourself and those around you requires some consciousness and diligence, but YOU CAN DO IT! Here are five important pieces of creating healthy relationships in your life:

  • Have compassion and empathy for both yourself and others. Take time to feel your emotions. Take time to feel other people's emotions.
  • Connect with mindfulness practices like yoga, tai chi and meditation. We can have a mindful state and mindful trait of being. Allow yourself to connect in the moment and create, purposefully and repeatedly, a very intentional state of taking in what is without judgement and with presence to whatever might arise.
  • Be honest with yourself and others.
  • Have mercy and forgiveness. Unlocking from what you cannot correct allows room for more growth in other areas. Learn to be vulnerable.
  • Take good care of your body and listen to it. Look beyond the symptoms and towards well-being.

Approaching ourselves with mindful curiosity and integrating overwhelming experiences will create new neural networks. Having support from someone you trust is really helpful in this process. Working together to transform being overwhelmed into understanding. Laying a foundation for stronger health, happiness, and resistance.

healthy relationships red leaf natural health clinic in portland, oregon

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