Healing Properties of Rose

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Healing Properties of Rose

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Roses have a long and colorful history. They have been found in the fossil record dating back 35 million years. Cleopatra used rose petals to carpet the floors of her palace, red and white colored roses were used in the 15th century to differentiate between the factions that were fighting over England, which was later known as the war of the roses.

In addition to being symbols of passion, roses and other members of the rose family - Apples, pears, raspberries, strawberries…etc. – have wonderful healing benefits. Roses are cooling, calming, moisturizing and are of course very sensual. Some cultures consider the rose to be the physical embodiment of moonlight.

There are a whopping 30,000 varieties of roses. Hawthorn, closely related to rose, is a great tonic for heart health and Lady’s Mantle is a lovely woman’s herb. Medicinally rose products are considered to be very gentle, soothing and safe for everybody. Superficially, rose is a soother of the skin. It’s moistens dryness, heals eczema and other itches. Internally, rose has general anti-inflammatory effects, act to tone the immune system and build your blood which, in turn, enhances the beauty of the skin.

Other medicinal benefits of rose include:

  • Supportive of male and female hormones
  • Calming to a tension headache
  • Cooling and restorative to hangover headaches (in case that Valentine’s Day red wine doesn't feel so good the next day!)
  • Anti-depressant
  • Calming for people that are nervous, stressed out, adrenal-fatigued, blood-sugar-imbalanced
  • Along the same lines, it is also an anxiety-relaxant and brings down adrenaline levels in the blood

With actions like this it’s no wonder that rose is a favorite flower during the darker times of year when we need to be reminded to enjoy the sensuality of our skin, calm our minds, and open our hearts!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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