Cold Brew Tea vs Hot Tea

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Cold Brew Tea vs Hot Tea

No matter which way you prefer it, there doesn’t really seem to be a down side to tea. Tea is rich with antioxidants, increases metabolism, reduces your risk for heart disease or stroke and most importantly - helps keep you hydrated! While hot tea certainly has its place at the table, cold brewing your tea may make this ancient beverage even more healing.

Cold brewed teas have a very different flavor profile than their hot counterparts. Cold brewed tea tends to be less bitter and acidic than a hot brew. Making tea in boiling water extracts nutrients quickly and forces chemical reactions while cold water extracts slowly to produces a cleaner and smoother flavor profile. Cold brewing tea can even reduce the amount of caffeine (if you’re using caffeinated tea), making it a perfect alternative to coffee.

Our favorite thing about cold brewing tea is the complete and utter simplicity of it! You have plenty of flexibility as far as how much you want to make, what type of tea you use and how strong you like it. Here’s our recommendation for the perfect glass of cold brewed tea:

Cold Brew TeaCold Brew Tea

This gentle method is very forgiving so just taste your way through the brewing time until you find your sweet spot!

1 – 16oz or 32oz mason jar

1-2 tea bags of your favorite tea

Enough water to fill the jar

Simply fill your mason jar up with cool tap water (or filtered water, if you prefer), throw your teabag(s) in and put in the refrigerator. Start taste testing after about 2 hours until the tea achieves your desired flavor.
HINT: Try adding some fresh mint and/or fresh fruit towards the end of the brewing process for a deliciously refreshing kick!

For an extra healthy approach, forget about adding any sweeteners and use a bag of licorice tea to add some natural sweetness. Licorice tea is incredibly beneficial for digestion, can act as a weight loss aid and is great for upper respiratory health.

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