Benefits of Peppermint Tea

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Peppermint Tea


As Portland slowly transitions out of the summer months, the air becomes a little crisper, the wind blows a little colder and the rain will finally make its triumphant return. I think almost everyone agrees that rainy fall days in Portland are best spent curled up on the couch or in your favorite reading chair with a good book and a delicious cup of hot tea. Can’t you already feel the coziness setting in? We can!

This month for our Tea Time at Red Leaf series we’d like to tell you how wonderful this lovely plant is (as if you didn’t already know!) and share some of the healthful benefits of peppermint tea.herbal-tea


Peppermint has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient times. Believed to have originated in Northern Africa and the Mediterranean, mint has been documented as far back as ancient Egypt where it was used to calm stomach pains. Mint actually had so much value to ancient Egyptians that it was even used as currency!

Peppermint’s Latin name, Menthe Piperita, was derived from a river nymph in Greek Mythology. This particular river nymph caught the eye of the God Hades. Hades’ wife, Persephone, caught the two together and decided to turn Minthe into a lowly mint plant that people would trod upon for all eternity. According to the Greek myth, Mint got its sweet fragrance when Hades softened the spell so that anyone that walked upon his muse would be consumed with the smell of her sweetness.

In addition to its heavenly smell, mint is very beneficial for a number of ailments including:

  • Headaches
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Upset stomach
  • Respiratory problems

Other benefits of peppermint tea include support for your liver and gallbladder, stress relief, congestion relief for the sinuses, astringent properties and, believe it or not, mint can even make you dream more vividly! We recommend drinking a cup of peppermint tea in the evenings to help aid digestion and relax the body.

There’s not much to peppermint tea, all you really need are dried peppermint leaves. You can even grow them yourself! Check out this foolproof method for the perfect peppermint tea. Try mixing it with a little bit a green tea for an antioxidant boost! We hope you take a moment for yourself and enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of peppermint tea this September.

We'd love to hear about your favorite teas, too! Mention us on Twitter using the hashtag #teatime, tell us your what your favorite tea is and watch to see when we feature it on our next Tea Time series!

From all of us at Red Leaf Natural Health Clinic, thanks for joining us for another Tea Time!

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