Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

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The Amazing Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Does your skin get dry and flaky during the winter? Cold temperatures traditionally cause the skin to dry out and get pretty itchy. There's almost nothing as unbearable as having an itch on your back that you just can't reach, don't you think? Exfoliating and moisturizing on a regular basis, as tedious as that may sound, is the number one way to combat dry and itchy skin. Our favorite method? Dry skin brushing!


Dry Skin brushing, what is it?

The skin is our body's largest organ, did you know that? It's easy to focus any and all skin care routines you may have on your face but skin brushing is something that's very easy to add into that routine and has benefits that go beyond "skin deep". The basic idea behind dry skin brushing is that you take a brush with a long handle, made from natural fibers, and brush it over most of your body before you get into the shower for anywhere from 5-20 minutes. How easy is that?


Skin brushing - what's in it for me?

There are SO many benefits to skin brushing it's almost crazy NOT to do it!

  • Skin brushing stimulates your lymphatic system and increases your circulation

    The lymphatic system's job is to eliminating cellular waste from your body. If your lymphatic system isn't working properly all of that waste builds up and you can get quite sick from it. By stimulating your lymphatic system, your circulation is also increased. This entire process is a great way to detox your body and stay healthy.

  • It exfoliates your skin

    Dry skin brushing helps exfoliate your skin by brushing off the dry, dead skin cells and revealing all of the fresh new cells underneath. This will also unclog pores, allowing your skin to get more oxygen.

  • Skin brushing reduces cellulite!

    Dry skin brushing helps to soften hard fat deposits below the skin and distribute fat deposits more evenly. This may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Naturopathic doctor and acupuncture in Portland, Oregon
After only 30 days of dry brushing the skin for 10-15 minutes per day
  • It's a stress reliever

    Skin brushing is very much like a light swedish massage in the respect that it lowers your blood pressure and increases your circulation. Not to mention it's quite meditative if you're doing it in a quiet spot and able to really zen out during your routine. Some people even get addicted to skin brushing due to the invigorated and elated feeling it creates. To top it all off, it often gives the skin a beautiful glow and plumpness as well.


How to do it:

  • Get the right brush

    Be sure that you're using a brush with a long handle so that you can reach all of those hard to reach spots comfortably. The brush you pick out should also have natural bristles, not synthetic.

  • Get naked!

    Strip down and stand in the bath tub. This makes for a no-muss no-fuss cleanup and an easy transition right into a nice hot shower to rinse away all of the dead skin cells.

  • Brush it good

    When brushing your skin, be mindful that you are always brushing in long, sweeping motions toward your heart. Always brush toward your heart - this part is important. Start at your feet and brush upward for about 5-20 minutes. Pass over one spot a couple of times, overlapping the strokes, until you've covered your whole body. Be sure to take care over sensitive areas.

  • Follow up with some good old hydrotherapy

    Once you're all brushed up, turn on the shower and rinse away. Make it a point to alternate the water between hot and cold. This is called hydrotherapy and is also a great way to detox your body. The usage of hot and cold water acts like an artificial pump, further stimulating your circulation.

  • Don't forget to moisturize!

    Since you just got rid of all that old skin, you're going to want to hydrate yourself afterward. We recommend using some coconut oil to smooth over your smooth skin and be sure to drink plenty of water so you're hydrated from the inside out!

Try incorporating this into your daily routine for 30 days and check out the results for yourself. If you've never tried it, we are almost positive you'll find it to be quite enjoyable 🙂

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