From Our Patients

A few years back I was in a rut and needed someone to help me back on a healthy path. I have gone to acupuncture, chiropractors, counseling but never found the results I have since I started seeing Dr. Lasse two years ago. I had low energy, bad allergies, monthly PMS pain, and a job that left me depressed. Since I started seeing Dr. Lasse my PMS has nearly disappeared, I found the energy to start my own successful business, and emotionally got much healthier and have the love of my life. Dr. Lasse’s techniques are simple yet extremely effective. Since my incredible results my mother has started going to Dr. Lasse. She has lost 35 pounds, is getting rid of bladder infections, and for the first time has the energy to go hiking! Thanks Dr. Lasse for changing my life, my mothers life, and now 4 more friends are going to you. You are AMAZING!

Kari K.

Last winter I was having serious respiratory and digestive issues. I was taking advair, using and inhaler and in constant discomfort from these health problems. Raina quickly diagnosed and treated the problems, but also has been looking at the whole picture, such as dietary changes, sleep and other healthful activities. Raina is a kind, warm person who truly wants her clients to be healthy and happy


A visit to Dr. Lasse’s office is for me both physically and mentally cathartic. The craniosacral treatments produce subtle yet dynamic effect and have become an important piece in my overall wellness.


Incredibly Personalized Treatment. When I visited Dr. Lasse, she listened to everything I shared and put me on a customized treatment plan, including homeopathy and supplements. I was suffering from allergies, digestion issues,stress, exhaustion and more. In a fairly short amount of time, I have begun to feel relief from my ailments and I believe I’m on the right path for a healthy life. I only wish I had known about Dr. Lasse sooner. I would highly recommend her


I feel healthier than I have in ages! I can’t believe how far my health has come in less than a year. SERIOUSLY! Dr. Lasse, you are a miracle worker. =)

S. R. Author and Mom

Dr. Lasse is the best thing that’s happened to me and my health in a long time. She is almost annoyingly perceptive, incredibly kind and patient and has really made a difference in my mental and physical health. I can’t recommenced her highly enough.

Rachel, Productions Director

Best doctor experience I’ve ever had. This place is wonderful. I don’t think I could praise it enough, really, because everything about it works for me. It’s a beautiful space, Dr. Lasse is the kindest doctor I’ve ever seen, and I feel really taken care of every time I go. I actually look forward to going to the doctor– how many people can say that? I’ve been going there for 6 months, and have never had a bad experience. I feel far more knowledgeable about my health and wellbeing than I ever had before, thanks to Dr. Lasse’s ability to listen and to communicate. I definitely recommend her to anyone interested in naturopathy

Aila, Creative Director

The best doctor EVER. Dr. Lasse is so amazing, there almost aren’t words to explain how grateful I am to her. Before becoming her patient, I had been dealing with years of thyroid issues (I had a partial thyroidectomy when I was 21), bloating, abdominal pain, depression, just a variety of issues. Dr. Lasse listened to ALL of my issues, the emotional and mental as well as the physical, to come up with a treatme t plan is tailored towards my body and my ultimate health. I’m so happy to say that I am on track to becoming the healthy individual I’ve always wanted to be thanks to Dr. Lasse. She is truly a gem


Dr. Lasse changed my life!. I first met Dr. Lasse when she treated an ear infection I had in 2007. Her downtown location behind the Multnomah County library, with quick access to the street car and MAX were very convenient for me. Not only was she able to help me with my acute ear infection, but our regular appointments have given me a better quality of life. I feel healthier in my 30’s than I did in my 20’s. She has helped me with fatigue, stress, menstrual cycle regulation and now provides great support for me while I am pregnant. Not only did she help my physical symptoms, but she provided mental and emotional support through her treatments. I have felt empowered and educated to live a healthier life through Dr. Lasse!

Mia, Student

Dr Lasse is a fantastic Naturopathic Doctor. I really appreciate her focus and sincerity. She catches every detail and formulates a treatment plan that works with my lifestyle. My health improved immediately with her treatment. Her cranial sacral therapy is an added bonus. I always leave feeling lighter and happier. I have worked with many Naturopath’s in Portland and Dr. Lasse is one the best I have seen. She is very smart and has the ability to explain things in ways that are easy to understand. I am very lucky to have found her!

Tracy, Acupuncturist

A visit to Dr. Lasse’s office is for me both physically and mentally cathartic. The craniosacral treatments produce subtle yet dynamic effect and have become an important piece in my overall wellness

Kim, Researcher

I have been seeing Dr. Lasse for about 4 months and have never been happier. I was very sick with an unexplained illness for over a year, visited over 15 doctors and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. Dr. Lasse figured me out in a matter of minutes and she has helped me in my path to healing! I feel better than I have in a long time and look forward to my appointment with her every month. She is the kindest, most patient Dr I have ever seen and brings so much positivity into my life. I would recommend Dr Lasse and the amazing staff at Red Leaf Clinic to anyone!

Liz C.

I can’t imagine seeing anyone but Dr. Lasse ever again!
As soon as I stepped in for my appointment I was at ease. Well, I was sobbing simply due to the peaceful, warm, understanding environment that she has created here.
Without going into personal specifics, Dr. Lasse has helped me immensely. I feel better, I am more confident, I am listening to myself more… She is directing me to my best self without being too pushy or too fast. I REALLY am making decisions for myself here with her amazing guidance.

I have never felt heard or understood by a physician before. I will never go back to a traditional MD (save for the ER, you never know!) after having this experience. Don’t write off ND’s until you have seen Dr. Lasse. She will rock your world.

By the way: she is totally worth the drive from Longview, WA. I’d STILL see her even if I moved back to Tacoma. She’s that amazing.

Lauren K.