A Natural Look at Insomnia: Part One

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What is more empowering than waking up after a solid nights sleep?  Feeling rested and ready to engage.

Sleep can be a reflection of both our physical health and the way in which we move throughout our day.  Our daily activities, thoughts, and feelings are very powerful.  A shift in your daily routine, combined with individualized natural remedies, can help restore the body and bring it naturally back into a restful sleep pattern.  Thus eliminating the need for pharmaceutical sleeping aids that often have serious side effects including dependance.

Insomnia is one of the most common conditions patients seek care for.  In a given year 30% of the population will suffer from acute insomnia and roughly 10% from chronic insomnia.

Common underlying factors behind insomnia include hormonal health, menopause, abnormal adrenal and circadian rhythms, anxiety, stress, life transitions, poor life management skills, depression, and over indulgences in food and alcohol.  Chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, congestive heart failure, acid reflux, COPD, asthma and apnea are some additional causative and associated conditions that can create or worsen insomnia.

Many restorative processes happen during sleep, but perhaps the two most important are the increased secretion of growth hormone and the scavenging of free radials in the brain.  Growth hormone has been called the “anti-aging” hormone by many.  It stimulates tissue repair, liver regeneration, muscle building, breakdown of fat stores, normalization of blood sugar regulation, in addition to a variety of other beneficial processes.

Adequate sleep is required to ensure minimal neuronal damage from free radicals that have accumulated during the day.  Most people will easily and fully recover after a few days of insomnia.  However, chronic insomnia appears to accelerate aging of the brain, create neuronal damage, and elevate nighttime cortisol levels(a stress hormone).

Finding and treating the underlying cause behind insomnia breaks the cycle of pharmaceutical dependance and restores the body to balance.

The path to reestablishing restful sleep is an individualized process.  What works for one person doesn’t always work for another.  A patient with chronic pain and acid reflux who comes into the office for insomnia will benefit from natural therapeutics that address their pain and digestion.  A patient who is overworked, depleted, and constantly worrying will respond beautifully to hormonal and nervous system support.  There is a unique solution for each patient.  This is what makes working with a Natural Medical Professional so helpful.  They help navigate the array of overwhelming options and teach the client how to support their body so they can get the sleep that they so desperately need.

When we are rested we are ready to engage in the beauty of the world around you.  Ready to work.  Ready to play.  Ready to transform.  Day by day we can create the peace we long for.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Raina Lasse

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