7 Ways to Face Your Fears & Conquer Them

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Fear is something natural that lives inside all of us. The difference is all in how to are able to recognize and work through your fear. Here are a few tools to keep in mind the next time you're feeling particularly fearful about something. If you're willing to do the work, the outcome is often positive. 


  1. Start Journaling Your Fears.
    Take note of what you're afraid of. What is it? When does it come up for you? When did it first come up for you? Take some time, cast aside any judgement and reflect on what you've written. By reflecting, you gain insight and loosen the grip of your fear. 
  2. Relax your body.
    Check yourself. Connect to your body, it has information for you. Is your brow furrowed? Are you clenching your teeth? Is your heart pounding? Are you breathing? Take a breath. Take another breath. Unclench your jaw and soften your forehead. Close your eyes and imagine your happy place. Learn to live in a relaxed state and it will be harder for the fear to grip you.
  3. Lean into your fear.
    Referred to as "exposure therapy" it's good practice to take the plunge and do the things that frighten you. Take it ten seconds at a time. Remind yourself that the fear will pass and your world will begin to expand as your courage and willingness to grow expands. 
  4. Stop your story.
    You have the power to put an end to the story around your fear. We are constantly rehearsing and living out these stories in our lives about our past and about our future that keep us in gridlock. Take your power back and stop the story in your life that perpetuates your fear. When we stop these stories and being to re-write them, we are creating new neuro patterns. We are training our brain to do something different. You are in complete control.
  5. Learn something new. 
    Feel like you need more information? Support? Develop your intuition. Find a mentor that can provide you with new insights. Be a life-long learner, quench the thirst for hunger at every opportunity. Fear cannot survive in an environment like this.
  6. Help others.
    Humans were made to operate best as a community. Share your knowledge with the beginners. Take others with you and help them succeed in the same way you've taught yourself to succeed. Help each other more forward in life. 
  7. View life as a creative and wild adventure.
    Life is absolutely full of amazing, adventurous and beautiful things. Approach it with a curiosity, ready to overcome challenges and tragedy. Stay present and be grateful as everything is perfectly timed in life, whether you like it or not, to give us the lessons we need. To fill our hearts, to strengthen our wills, to make us laugh, cry and everything inbetween. All you have to do is listen 🙂

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