5 Meaningful and Heartfelt Gifts to Give, Anytime

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Giving thanks. Giving hope. Giving happiness. 

Giving someone a gift, especially a gift that we've put a lot of thought and/or preparation into, should fill your heart with joy. You care about them, you appreciate them and you are able to create a physical manifestation that acknowledges their important place in your life. It's about making connections and deepening them, not just giving someone something for the sake of giving. Here are 5 Meaningful and Heart-felt gift ideas to help you fill both yours and your giftee's cup up with love and joy.


  1. Personalized Playlist
    That's right, a playlist. You don't have to go old school with a mixed tape (unless you want to!) and with the genius of the internet you can do it for free! Try hopping on Spotify and creating a playlist. Name it something like, "Maggy's Awesome Playlist Because Her Best Friend Loves Her" and share the link with your giftee. Pick songs that you and the other person have shared together, that are meaningful for the both of you. Create your own cover art (or edit one of their templates!) with Canva.com and carve out some time for the two of you to listen to your creation together! 
  2. Poetic License
    Find a particularly interesting, funny or inspiring quote or a meaningful word and write it on some heavy card stock (or if you're feeling particularly artistic, you can design your own) and frame it. Words hold incredible power and have the capacity to lift our spirits and speak directly to our hearts. Think about what your giftee might really need to hear. That they're worth it and they're beautiful? Words of inspiration? A joke? What does your heart want to say? Here are some ideas to start with.
  3. Printed Photos
    With social platforms like instagram and Facebook we have expanded access to tons of photographed, joyful memories that we've shared with our loved ones. Pick a handful of them and have them framed. Or, better yet, have them made into one of those vintage 3D Viewers and give them the gift of nostalgia, a gift that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy 🙂
  4. A Care Package with Inside Jokes and Little Treats.
    Maybe it’s a bottle of nail polish they said they liked when you wore the color. Maybe it’s a box of their favorite seasonal cookies. Do they like to swim laps at the gym? Include an extra swim cap. If they’re constantly losing pens or hair ties, throw a package of those in there. You don’t have to fill the biggest box in the world with tons of things, but just include a few little goodies that would be special to them and them alone.
  5. The Gift of Healing
    We all need to be nurtured, heard and healed. That can mean different things for different people. You could give them some bath salts and a candle for a little self-healing "me-time."  You're helping them create time and space for self-care, which is something we could all use a little more of. 

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